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      Collaborative Automation Technology Partners

      Work with our specialist technology partners to build your complete solution.

    • How Prosyst AdiagX80 modules complete our PLC solutions

      Discover what CAPP technology partner Prosyst can bring to Schneider Electric customers.

    • Mackmyra: distilling with gravity

      Mackmyra engaged Schneider Electric to build a solution for their new distillery with a focus on efficiency, environmental sensitivity, and safety. Schneider Electric brought in our Collaborative Automation Partner, Bihl&Weidemann, knowing their offers would help deliver the best solution for this customer.

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    • Implementing proprietary protocols in a mining company’s automation system

      This collaboration was exemplified in a mining project delivered by Schneider Electric and Gold Strategic Partner, Hilscher. Schneider Electric is recognized as an industry leader in providing solutions for the Mining, Metals & Minerals sector. In this case, a customer in Argentina enlisted our services for its lithium carbonate plant.

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    • Overcoming communication redundancy limitations

      This strong collaboration between Schneider Electric and Gold Strategic Partner Niobrara R&D was showcased in a project for Dallas Water Utilities. Their objective was to develop their process control system expansion project in line with their mission to plan for the future, while also providing reliable service to its customers at a fair cost.

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      large water pipe
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      To meet complex business and system requirements with simple, effective and efficient solutions, we cultivate an ecosystem that incorporates Collaborative Automation Technology Partners (CAPP). After stringent testing and validation, we recommend CAPP product offers to ensure we are responsive and flexible with our solutions.
      • Default Alternative Text Are you a customer ? Schneider Electric customers and solution partners can obtain complementary products and technologies from leading-edge companies.
      • Default Alternative Text Are you a technology partner ? If your company is developing complementary solutions and products to complete our solutions, this program is for you.
      Nos conseillers sont disponibles pour répondre à vos questions de 8h00 à 18h00 du lundi au vendredi toute l'année.